Increasing Muscle and Size


Gaining muscle is about a lot more than just pumping iron down the local gym. It’s an ongoing process that requires hard work in the kitchen as well as the gym. Getting the right nutrition and food is half the battle. Without the right nutrients you may as well not bother. With proper nutrition and training from now you could be stepping on the scales in a few months weighing an extra 5, 10 or even 15 pounds of solid muscle. So with the right nutrition you’re on your way to bigger arms, broader shoulders and a fuller chest.

1. Eat enough calories

Pretty straight forward really, without enough fuel your body simply cannot pack on that extra muscle. Combining exercise and good diet is the most effective way to pack on size. Each day keep a journal of how many calories you consume and where possible try to keep them as clean as you can. Eat regularly, every two to three hours to keep your body fuelled. Each time you reach a plateau increase your daily calories by 500. Mass gainers can help immensely with calorie requirements and so can meal replacement shakes.

2. Consume enough protein

Get good amounts of high quality protein to ensure muscle growth. Without enough protein you will actually lose muscle and tone, notice a weakened immune system and see slower recover after exercise. If your goal is to gain muscle whilst maintaining definition then clean sources of protein are a must. Egg whites, chicken, turkey breast and fish are all great sources of quality protein. Supplementing with a protein powder is always a good idea and will help you reach your daily protein targets.

3. Take advantage of the training effect

The muscle building process happens when you exert your muscles during exercise, i.e. lifting heavy weights, by doing this the muscle fibres are broken down and your body will over-compensate for this by rebuilding more muscle to cope with the stress. This is known as the training effect. The key is to ensure you are consuming enough calories, protein and plenty of water to help your body go through this process and build newer stronger muscle.

4. Prevent muscle breakdown

Our muscles require more energy to maintain than fat does. This means when we don’t get enough nutrients they start being broken down for energy. You can stop this happening by taking supplements that contain amino acids and whey protein. If you lead an active lifestyle and find it hard to consume nutritious food while on the go then protein bars could be the perfect solution.

5. Boost your body with the right nutrients for maximum health, training intensity and results

The recurring theme here is to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs to grow. By doing this you not only create the perfect enviroment to gain muscle but also boost your immune system along with many moire benefits.

6. Feed your body nutrients after training

After a tough gym session, your body needs protein and carbohydrate. Take one serving of Progain or Promax immediately after training to take full advantage of the post-workout muscle-building window.

7. Follow a suitable training routine

If you’re eating all the right things but not putting the effort in or doing the wrong things in the gym then you will not see much progress. Use a tried and tested gym routine and follow good technique and form to make the exercise work the correct muscles. Bad form can result in injury.

That’s it guys, we hope you found this useful.

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