Quitting Junk Food For Good


Junk foods are ridiculously cheap to buy and easy enough to consume. Although you may find them soothing especially as companion snacks during busier parts of your day, that is not enough to completely accept them with open arms into your dietary plan. Junk foods still have negative effects.

Although I wouldn’t put too much stock to fanatics that think processed meat is the devil’s work, it does nonetheless, cause health problems that will worsen into more dramatic symptoms if one consumes too much junk foods. It doesn’t exactly corrode your lungs, but it’s not good for your arteries either.

The “Junk” in Junk Food

Interestingly enough, depending on what part of the globe you are you may be consuming packets of junk food that contains harmful additives that health experts will just have field day with! This is the price people pay for cheap junk food; since it is cheaply made, it uses cheap compositions of less reputable additives that cause more harm than they’re worth. Whatever you taste inside that packet, trust me, that’s not pizza or sausage. It’s pizza or sausage flavouring; so know the difference.

Junk food is a love-hate relationship that most partakers don’t bother to address. Hey, I’ve taken heavy doses in my time (and sometimes are guilty to eating a few now and then), but it doesn’t do anything great for your body. That’s like gargling lava because its peace flavoured; sure, you enjoy the taste but it pretty much kills you either way.

I use the word “cheap” loosely here, though because junk food is addictive, you will buy more than you intend to. Heck, college students nowadays waste about 1/3 of their daily budget just to buy their favourite beverages and when you get the statistics of that in the campus, it’s by no means cheap.

Healthier Alternatives

Okay, I didn’t spend hours researching on junk food so I could berate it with facts; so what if you want to get healthier alternatives? Well, that’s damn easy. Just look at my no-brainer tips below:

DON’T EVER SKIP BREAKFAST. Or at least eat something that resembles a breakfast. You’ve just waken up and your body needs to the energy to start your engines, so don’t give it crap like a few bags of potato chips. Yes, technically it’s a source of carbohydrates but it isn’t as healthy as crackers or eggs and bacon.

Trail Mix. Trail mix is great for a variety of reasons. It comes in a sealable bag, it’s healthy and it has an incredibly long expiry date. If you start craving for junk foods, pop it up and chow down and get your dried fruit and nuts thing going! Nuts are filled with antioxidants that not only de-tox your body, but it is also filled with natural proteins and minerals that keep you going through your day!

Bring a bottle. There is nothing more economical and healthier than bringing your own bottle filled with either juice concentrate or iced tea. If you ever get thirsty you won’t be tempted to pop open a soda bottle.