Healthy High Protein Snack Ideas


If you workout and you’re serious about it then you’ll know that 90% of the time you’re planning your next meal and thinking about the nutritional content. This can be a minefield if you fail to prepare properly as I myself have been out countless amount of times without planning meal timings or places to eat leading me to have a bad diet day.

The easiest thing to do is simply carry some high protein snacks around with you, leave some in the car, in your bag, anywhere you can possibly fit them and even just the mentality of knowing you’re not stranded without something of good nutritional value will help you to stick with your diet for the rest of the day, instead of going off the rails because of 1 bad or missed meal like I have a tendency to do.

On the flipside of that high protein snacks can be a good way to replace chocolate bars or crisps. You can still snack on these foods and they will be far healthier and provide you with real nutrients as opposed to empty calories and sugar.

Beef Jerky

Originally an all American snack but lately more shops have been stocking beef jerky in the UK. This is a great snack because essentially it’s still meat making it a great source of protein. Just be cautious when it comes to the salt content!

Protein Bars

Quite possibly the best high protein snack available. Protein bars usually consist of a thin chocolate layer filled with oats and a layer of chewy protein goodness. The reason protein bars are such a good snack is because you not only get a blast of protein but also a good hit of slow acting carbohydrates making them a more complete snack.


Tinned fishy goodness that packs massive protein! Not really ideal to carry around with you but some ring pull tins and a plastic fork are the perfect way to get some much needed protein.


Nuts are a fantastic source of healthy fats and are naturally high in protein. Choose dry roasted over salted for a more healthy option. These are especially good if you’re bulking, not really recommended however if you’re on a cut.