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  • FitFanatics.co.uk is all about fitness, we live, breath and LOVE everything about keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to share our passion and thought the best way would be to have a website we can fill with useful information and articles to help others get fit.


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    6 Pack Myths

    The internet is full of "how to get abs" articles so our short guide is what NOT to do when trying to achieve that ever desirable 6 pack as we dispel the modern day myths.

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    Moves For Mass

    If you want to gain the most amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time then you need to be doing these power exercises. Fact!

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    Take a Break

    Work hard play hard is the saying, so sit back and relax while we help brighten up your day with these rather amusing workout mishaps.

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    Mutant Mass

    Mutant Mass is the best weight gainer we've come accross, each serving gives you a massive 1060 calories from a quality source of carbs.

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    Grenade Fat Burner

    Quite possibly the most powerful legal fat burner available to buy today. If you want fast fat loss, you want grenade.

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    Instant Whey

    We review one of the biggest names in sports supplements flagship product to see if it lives up to the name.

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    Need some advice? Not sure where to begin? The FitFanatics.co.uk blog is jam packed with useful articles and posts. With everything from training to nutrition you can be sure you're in safe hands. Here are some of our recent posts to get you started: Why do we need protein? - 3 Moves to gain mass - The key to big arms

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    Latest Articles

    Moves For Mass

    If you're looking to gain some serious mass in a short space of time then you'll want to read this article! We outline the biggest moves that are guranteed to help you pack on some big mass.

    Six Pack Myths

    With summer approaching everyone wants to be looking the best they possibly can, this short post on six pack myths should stop you going down the wrong path when it comes to training your abs.

    5 Funny Workout Videos

    These videos are absolutely hilarious! Training doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, we hope these videos will brighten up your day as much as they did ours!


    Ricky Gervais Weight Loss

    Mr.Gervais always seems to do the unexpected on screen but now he's done it off aswell, by losing an impressive 2 stone and getting in shape at the age of 50.

    Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness

    Most of us will be familiar with muscle soreness or DOMS but it isn't something we have to put up with. Find out how you can reduce the chances of getting sore after a workout.